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Digital Display Sizes: 65″, 75″, & 85″

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Beyond Static Displays

Redefining Event Signage with Dynamic Digital Solutions

Worried about last-minute updates?

Manage unforeseen updates to your table arrangements or event details right up until the day before your party.

Ideal for Intimate Venues

Optimize Your Venue Layout

Free Up Space, Reduce Clutter, and Save Money with 1 Digital Display for All Your Event Sign Needs!

  • Guest Seating Chart
  • Welcome Sign
  • Dinner Menu
  • Signature Cocktail Drinks
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Videos

Flexible Last-Minute Adjustments

Unexpected changes are an inevitable part of any event planning journey.

Digital guest seating charts allow you to make instant updates, ensuring your seating arrangements are always up-to-date.

Say farewell to the stress of last-minute changes and the associated costs.

Vibrant Colors & Eye-Catching Animations

Say goodbye to boring and static place cards – our digital charts transform your seating experience into something truly remarkable.

Digitize Your Dinner Menu

One of our recent clients saved ~$1,000 by hiring us to create a Digital Menu for their Wedding instead of using the traditional printed menus.

Minimize Budget Wastage and Embrace Sustainability with our Innovative Digital Signage Solutions

A Timeless

Black & White Photo Booth

Celebrate your event in style with our Glam Photo Booth Filter.